This Week’s Reading #6

Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

A friend of mine always say the biggest problem with software is that bad software still works. But what about when software makes you sick? Or creates completely new businesses that profit from the strict and inflexible nature of software? I very much enjoyed this article in The New Yorker by @atul_gawande.

“…patience as a personality trait is modifiable. Even if you’re not a particularly patient person today, there’s still hope you can be a more patient person tomorrow.”

That’s good news right?

Me and Teddy Zetterlund had lunch last week and reflected on the challenges of working in big organisations. Later he sent me this excellent article by Niels Pflaeging outlining a new theory about the types of leadership (and influence) that exist in an organisation. I immediately started thinking about my situation and those around me and I’m definitely putting this theory in my bag of tools for Agile Coaching.

Until next time!